Car Standing Idle? Rent it out to a visiting celebrity!

celebrity car rentals south africa

Are you the owner of a car that you don’t use very often? If so, did you know that there is a way of making money by hiring it out (even to celebrities)? RentMyRide is an innovative scheme available to residents in South Africa who have a vehicle they use only occasionally, and it really is a way of making some money! How does it work? It’s simple, you register your vehicle with RentMyRide – it’s a simple form that you fill in and submit to them – and they put it on the list of cars to rent.

The RentMyRide concept turns car hire on its head; you hiring out your vehicle to private renters who find your type of car and location convenient – and who appreciate the lower prices – and RentMyRide covers the insurance. You must keep your car maintained to the agreed standard – there is a checklist on the website that tells you everything you need to check – and when someone in your area needs to hire a car, perhaps for a business trip or simply a day out or even for monthly car rental, they contact you and it’s all sorted out between you.

Now, here’s the good bit: RentMyRide operates a rating system. Once the renter returns the car to you, you enter a rating as to how they were to deal with. This allows for everyone else to see if they wish to let their cars to them. Furthermore, RentMyRide vets every driver before allowing them to join, and as you – the owner – will meet them when they come to pick it up, you can choose to decline if you wish. It’s a real no-brainer for anyone who has a car standing idle: put it to work and make some money with long term car rental Cape Town! Get in touch now for more information or register your car and let’s get going!

Corporate Secretarial Services for Small Companies

Corporate man in elegant suit standing outdoors
Corporate man in elegant suit standing outdoors
Are you the owner of a small start-up company who is looking for ways to improve your use of time? It can be easy to spread yourself and your team’s talents too thinly, especially when it comes to secretarial services. Kilgetty Statutory Services is an established provider of corporate solutions in South Africa, and helps everyone from small companies to those major entities that are at the top of the business tree in the company they are here to help even with registering a business in South Africa.

With a fully qualified team of experts on hand to take on all your secretarial needs, they have the best chartered secretaries in South Africa and you get the benefit of sensibly priced solutions plus the ability to use the extra time you will find available to spend on those areas of the business that you handle best. Have a closer look at the Kilgetty Statutory Services website for more information, or get in touch with them now and they’ll be happy to help you and your startup company.

Quality Solar Panel Installers Western Cape

For many homes and businesses in and around the Cape Town solar panels are a viable power source. However, it remains a fact that the solar solution is not for everyone, so it is vital to get a professional opinion on your options.

At Max Yield Energy, a leading supplier and installer in the region, you can take advantage of expert knowledge and experience, and they will happily tell you even if solar panels are not a viable option for your requirements. They make a careful assessment of your energy usage, and offer you a quotation for the most appropriate solution with a water pump controller.

With many satisfied clients so far you can rely upon Max Yield Energy to provide you with the very best service in the field, so why not have a closer look at the website now or get in touch and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have abut solar panel installations.

Quality Personal Protection Equipment in South Africa

Ensuring your workforce is properly protected for the environment they work in is a legal requirement of the employer, so making sure they are kitted out with the best protective clothing is essential. No matter how many items you need you can be sure of finding the best equipment at Vikayen Supplies, the leading provider of safety clothing suppliers in Johannesburg and industrial supplies in South Africa.ppe johannesburg

Vikayen Supplies has many years of experience in supplying some of the top names in the country with a comprehensive range of products – everything from protective headgear to footwear and in-between – and has a reputation for excellent prices and quality service. They promise that all items are of a high quality and they are more than happy to discuss any specific or unusual requirements you may have, so get in touch with Vikayen Supplies now and see how they can help with all your protection equipment needs. For the best priced ppe suppliers in Johannesburg.

Expert Tree Care in the Bristol Area

Do you have trees on your property? If so you will know that these majestic and beautiful plants add another dimension to the landscape. However, you will also be aware that trees can require a great deal of maintenance if they are to look their best and live as long as they should, and this should really be carried out by an Tree Care Bristol.

Tree Surgeon Bristol is an expert company offering a full range of professional tree care services in and around the city, and many satisfied clients have already taken advantage of the likes of pruning and trimming services and larger more complex jobs such as stump removal and felling.

No job is too large or too small for Tree Surgeon Bristol Do you have trees on your property? If so you will know that these majestic and beautiful plants add another dimension to the landscape. However, you will also be aware that trees can require a great deal of maintenance if they are to look their best and live as long as they should, and this should really be carried out by an expert. Tree Surgeon Bristol is an expert company offering a full range of professional tree care services in and around the city, and many satisfied clients have already taken advantage of the likes of pruning and trimming services and larger more complex jobs such as stump removal and felling. No job is too large or too small for Tree Surgeon Bristol and they really are the acknowledged experts, so why not fill in the form for a free no obligation quote on all your tree care and maintenance needs?Tree Surgeon Bristol and they really are the acknowledged experts, so why not fill in the form for a free no obligation quote on all your tree care and maintenance needs?

Never Tried Kite Surfing? You’ll Love It!

There are some sports that, once you try them, you are instantly hooked, and kite surfing is one! No other sport offers you the chance to enjoy stunning thrills and spills and sheer excitement in this manner, and it is no surprise it is the fastest growing water sport in the world right now and what better place to do kite surfing lessons is in Cape Town.

The best place to try kite surfing is somewhere where the wind and the waves work in unison, and such perfect conditions can be found off the stunning beaches of Cape Town. That’s why Kite Surfing Lessons Cape Town, a leading name in the sport, operates from various locations here.

Kite Surfing Kite SurfingLessons Cape Town can offer you a choice of courses for beginners taking you through everything you need to know and at excellent prices, so why not add some spice to your Cape Town holiday and book up now? It could be a decision that changes your life!

Quality Wedding Catering from London Spit Roast

Organizing a wedding means dealing with many different factors, not least the catering which can be a major headache! You might want to check out London Spit Roast if this is one of your problems, as they have the expertise to provide you with top quality catering at a great price, so that’s at least one problem off your hands.

London Spit Roast has a variety of packages available for weddings, so whatever your budget you will be getting value for money. The packages are comprehensive; for example, the mid-range Sapphire Package includes the following: hog roast catering /spit roast plus vegetarian options for 15% of the guests; bread rolls and apple sauce; plates and cutlery, plus three selections of salad two types of canapes. For more information on wedding packages get in touch with London Spit Roast right now, and let them take care of your wedding caterers in London.

Get a Mobile App for Your Event

Why do you need a mobile app for your event? Quite simply, it makes life so much easier! At HelloCrowd they have developed a solution that suits all events; you get your own bespoke app in the app stores, and your visitors can use it to their own good.

mobile event app

What does it do? Pretty much everything! The app covers all areas of event scheduling and organization from your personal diary to profiles of exhibitors, through the event schedule to fully detailed maps and directions, so everyone using your app is able to ensure their own schedule goes to plan.

With HelloCrowd your bespoke mobile event app acts as a comprehensive organization tool as well as providing messaging options and live polling features, and you will see the benefits immediately you sign up. With a pricing schedule that reflects the number of events you wish to cover, HelloCrowd is a must for regular event organizers.

The Causes of Blocked Drains

drain cleaningBlocked drains are a common cause of problems in the home; you may notice a sink that is not draining as quickly it should, or you could have a toilet that overflows when flushed. These are not unusual problems but, like other drain and plumbing problems in the Durban area, it is always best to get the experts in to deal with in the proper manner.

For addresses in and around Durban that means calling Drainblasters, the acknowledged experts in the region, and the one name you can rely on to get the job done quickly and at an affordable rate.

Drainblasters use the latest portable equipment and up to date techniques to ensure that you get the result you need, and they will do their best to cause as little disruption as possible while drain cleaning your home Durban Area. For everything from minor drain blockages to more serious problems call Drainblasters – make a note of their name right now for future use.

The Ultimate Day Out for Wine Lovers

Are you looking for a day out near Cape Town that a wine lover will enjoy? Look no further than the exciting Franschhoek Valley Wine Tram! This brilliant and innovative attraction takes you on a wonderful tour through the beautiful valley on a traditional tram, stopping at some of the historic wine estates along the way one of the many Cape Town tour attractions.
franschoek wines
The valley is home to many if the best wine farms in Cape Town in South Africa, and with your adult ticket comes the chance to sample wine at two of the estates on the route. Combining the history of the estates and the valley with the fine wine that defines it – and food, should you wish to dine – this is a trip that cannot be missed for anyone who loves wine.

Why not have a look at the website now, where you can find information on the different routes, and book your seats on a journey you will enjoy.

Why You Need a Professional Voice Artist

Are you producing a video or advert, and in need of someone to handle the essential and difficult voice over or narration? If so, it is vital you engage a professional, as this can be the difference between a successful, engaging result and one that is less than impressive.
voice over artist Alistair
Alistair Davis has been providing voice over artist work for a variety of productions and crews for some time, and is an expert in the South African market. With a reputation for providing professional results quickly and at affordable prices, he is the only name you need to know if you are looking for someone to get the job done.

With access to some the best recording facilities in the country, Alistair Davis can help you achieve the best possible results as efficiently as possible, and will be more than happy to talk to you in more detail about your individual requirements like American voice overs.

The Best Biltong in Pretoria!

Are you a fan of biltong? If so, don’t miss The Farmhouse if you are ever in Pretoria! Formerly a store specialising in biltong, The Farmhouse is now a comprehensive deli offering a full range of products like catering in Pretoria– not least of which is the very best selection of biltong in Pretoria. This fabulous deli also has a great coffee shop, so you can stop for a snack when shopping.


With a range including everything from snack platters to self-assembled biltong hampers in Pretoria, The Farmhouse is the perfect place to go for catering for functions or parties, and they are more than happy to talk to you about any special requirements you may have. A friendly and professional team treats you with courtesy at all times in a friendly atmosphere.

If you are visiting Pretoria then drop in at The Farmhouse, and if not, check out the website for the best choice in freshly made food in the city.



Mobile Friendly Web Development Experts

The mobile phone is now the most used method of browsing the web, and even the most basic of smartphones is highly capable. This means your website must be mobile friendly, but has yours been designed with mobiles in mind?

Many websites will have been constructed before the age of the mobile, and this can be a problem as they will not necessarily look great on a small screen. This is why you need a professional mobile web developer ios and android Cape Town,South Africa the name you need to know is Netgen.

Experts in IT, web design and software development company, Netgen provides excellent services at the right prices, and they have many satisfied clients in a variety of areas of industry and commerce. For the very best in IT services and mobile friendly web design look no further than Netgen, where you will be assured of a friendly and professional approach at all times.

JMC Takes on the South African Market

When a new motor manufacturer enters a foreign market it is always going to raise some interest, and when that manufacturer is a Chinese brand then things get more interesting still. The Chinese motor manufacturing sector is expanding rapidly, so it is no surprise the various manufacturers choose to try other markets. No you can find JMC trucks for sale in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town

A recent addition to the South African market has been JMC, a long established Chinese brand with a reputation for quality vehicles at affordable prices like their outstanding diesel bakkies for sale, and an emphasis on commercial vehicles. A full dealer and service network has been established across the country, and has already met with some success.

To find out more about the JMC range have a look at the JMCSA website or give them a call, and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or arrange for you to book a test drive and find out just what the JMC range can offer you.

Celebrities Get TheBest Deals on Briggs and Stratton Spare Parts

If you use Briggs and Stratton equipment you will be impressed with the quality and reliability of the machinery you have invested in. This is a brand that is famed for its excellent products and one that has a strong following across the world. However, as with all machinery that is used on a regular or permanent basis, even Briggs and Stratton machinery can need replacement parts occasionally, and it is strongly advised that you fit only genuine replacement parts for the best performance, and also so as not to invalidate any warranty.

BrushcutterWhere can you find genuine Briggs and Stratton replacement parts at sensible prices? We can recommend you check out the range at BS Commercial Power, an established supplier of quality machinery and equipment for the forestry, construction and agricultural industries in and around South Africa. Based in Cape Town, BS Commercial Power supplies customers across the country and also in the likes of Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana and others, and has a reputation for excellent customer service and a commitment to quality. The full range of Briggs and Stratton replacement parts covers all the models they supply, so you will be sure to find what you need.

With excellent prices and a guarantee of quick delivery – plus a comprehensive online catalogue for easy and quick shopping – you can rely on BS Commercial Power to supply you with what you need, and if you are unsure of the exact item required they have an experienced team on hand to help. Friendly and professional, and with a commitment to heling in any way they can, BS Commercial Power remains the only name you need to remember for Briggs and Stratton replacement parts and equipment, so give them a call right now and see how they can help.



Quality Waste Management Systems from HPT Africa

In all areas of industry, especially in manufacturing and processing, waste can be problem. Take the paper and cardboard industry; offcuts and dust can be major hazards, and not only impact on productivity but also may be hazardous to health, so a waste management system is essential. Of course, it is the employer’s duty to ensure the workplace is a safe place to be, but are your waste processing and extractions solutions up to scratch? If not, you might want to let HPT Africa take a look, as they are the leading name in waste management, ventilation and extraction in Africa.
HPT Africa works with each client individually – they offer solutions for the paper industry, welding rooms, metalworking, wood processing and more, each designed to a bespoke solution using only the best quality machinery and equipment – and has won awards for its quality solutions. Serving customers in South Africa and the other southern African nations, they take great pride in being able to design and implement the very best solution for individual needs, and their many satisfied customers include some of the best known names across the region.

The machinery used by HPT Africa is made by the top names in Europe, and provides reliable and efficient waste management solutions across the board. With excellent prices and a team of highly skilled and trained technicians waiting to help find the right answer for you, HPT Africa is there to help make sure your workforce enjoys a pleasant and comfortable place of work. If you need advice on waste management, dust or oil extraction or any other area of waste control, get in touch with HPT Africa right away, and they will be more than happy to answer your questions and arrange to visit to assess your needs.

Beautiful Paving Can Make all the Difference

Beautiful Paving Can Make all the Difference

While you may pay attention to keeping the interior of your home looking beautiful and fresh, what about the outside? Pavements, driveways and patios have a hard life; not only are they open to the elements but they are subject to heavy use by people ad vehicles, and in time they will naturally begin to look tired and worn. Cleaning can help, but what if there was a company offering affordable, quality paving, in various designs, that could replace your existing paving and patio with a beautiful new one?
paving services
Techno Pave is and established paving company serving customers in Pretoria and Johannesburg, and will also happily quote for business elsewhere in South Africa, with a reputation for excellent results. They use quality materials and have a variety of designs on a gallery on the website from which you can choose, or you can show them something else you like and they will see if they can accommodate you. Affordable and with many satisfied clients, Techno Pave is the place to go whether you want simple commercial paving or more fancy patio paving, and they ensure that their rigid quality control is enforced at all times.

Having impressive, long lasting paving outside your home can enhance the value, so if you are looking to sell it can be a good investment. Techno Pave will happily provide you with a quote for whatever paving solutions you need, like stone wall cladding and will do so with no obligation and at no cost. All you need to do is fill in the simple online form and they will get back to you as quickly as they can with their best quote, or to discuss what you require in more detail. Why not get in touch now, and see how beautiful your new paving can be.

Choose Namibia for Your African Holiday

Visit Namibia

Why do we recommend Namibia for celebs? Because this beautiful and mysterious country, with its sprawling desert and amazing beaches, is one of the most spectacular of all in Africa, and offers a rare opportunity to see the continent in its most authentic, unspoilt form. From the charming capital of Windhoek, with its fine restaurants, bars and shops, to the majestic sand dunes of the Namib Desert – the tallest in the world – you have a range of diverse and amazing attractions, and there is one place where you can find all the information you need.

Book Namibia is not a tour operator itself, but a comprehensive resource containing all the information and advice you need on travelling to Namibia. They have collected details of the leading tour operators and safari providers, offer information on the best accommodation Namibia, and also where to hire a car or 4×4, the latter being essential if you are to travel in this wonderful country. A safari is a must in Namibia, and there are many established companies offering excellent deals. Also, Book Namibia has information on general travel tips in the country which will help make your life easier.

Namibia is a real slice of Africa, a place where little has changed over the years. You can take an opportunity to visit ancient nomadic tribes who still live as they did centuries ago, and to visit the colourful townships that have been shaped by the different cultural influences across the years. Or, you could simply relax on one of the many fine beaches, where the Atlantic Ocean laps at the glorious sandy shore. You can find advice on all aspects of visiting Namibia here, so check out the Book Namibia website, and find out what are the most popular things to try in Namibia!



The Perfect Safari Destination For Celebrities

Are you thinking of taking a safari holiday on Africa? It is something of a dream for most of us, and these days you can find some very good deals. We can’t help but recommend you consider KwaMbili Game Lodge, a wonderful example of traditional bush accommodation in Hoedspruit that offers you the chance to enjoy an experience you will never forget. This is a rare opportunity to see the real, unspoilt Africa, a place where you will be as far from your home as you could ever be, and it is a quite magical place to be.


kwambili safari lodgeKwaMbili Lodge is located in the Thornybush Game Reserves in Limpopo, and features a choice of thatched chalets or traditional safari tents. While each has all the facilities you will need for a comfortable stay, you are in the heart of the bush, and many exotic local animals wander freely through the camp and use the nearby water hole, where you can watch them go about their business. What makes this location special is that it is right next to the Kruger National Park, where you stand a chance of viewing the fabled ‘Big Five’, something that can be done in only a few places in Africa.

The lodge is a great place to stay for an experience like no other, and the food – cooked here by local chefs – is spectacular. There is a pool for relaxing in should you need to cool down, a bar where you can find an array of drinks, and what could be more authentic than a campfire at night, when the rangers tell their tales of adventure from across the years? KwaMbili Game Lodge is a unique experience providing stunning accommodation in Hoedspruit, whether for a family or a romantic break for two, so check it out now, you won’t be disappointed.

Marlina Moreno

How to Improve Your Life As A Celebrity And Enjoy Your Future

Have you reached a point in your life where you are unsure of what happens next? Or, perhaps you feel like you are floundering at work, or in a relationship, and have no idea what to do about it? It happens to us all: we get to a point where we feel that we are not achieving what we could be, or where we can’t see the way forward. After all, we are not taught how to handle life; we are simply expected to go out into the world, and get on with it.

This can – quite naturally – lead to depression and anxiety, and these are problems that can get in the way of our lives. At Integrative Life Coaching, based in Cape Town, you can learn how to overcome these problems that affect us all, in order to see a clear path forward and improve your life. It’s all about unlocking what the founder, Warren Munitz, calls the ‘authentic self’, and learning how to control and use the unconscious mind, that part of us that influences far more than we may currently understand.

Integrative Life Coaching offers a range of courses (including accredited life coaching courses) that will take you on a journey of self-discovery, where you will learn about yourself in ways you never could have imagined. Many people have already taken advantage of personal coaching, leadership coaching, and much more – including how to handle anxiety and depression – and have learned from Warren, who underwent a lengthy journey of discovery himself, how to overcome the emotional baggage that influences the way we live. If you think this could be of help to you, get in touch with Integrative Life Coaching and learn more about how life coaching can help you. This could be the decision that changes your life.