Car Standing Idle? Rent it out to a visiting celebrity!

celebrity car rentals south africa

Are you the owner of a car that you don’t use very often? If so, did you know that there is a way of making money by hiring it out (even to celebrities)? RentMyRide is an innovative scheme available to residents in South Africa who have a vehicle they use only occasionally, and it really is a way of making some money! How does it work? It’s simple, you register your vehicle with RentMyRide – it’s a simple form that you fill in and submit to them – and they put it on the list of cars to rent.

The RentMyRide concept turns car hire on its head; you hiring out your vehicle to private renters who find your type of car and location convenient – and who appreciate the lower prices – and RentMyRide covers the insurance. You must keep your car maintained to the agreed standard – there is a checklist on the website that tells you everything you need to check – and when someone in your area needs to hire a car, perhaps for a business trip or simply a day out or even for monthly car rental, they contact you and it’s all sorted out between you.

Now, here’s the good bit: RentMyRide operates a rating system. Once the renter returns the car to you, you enter a rating as to how they were to deal with. This allows for everyone else to see if they wish to let their cars to them. Furthermore, RentMyRide vets every driver before allowing them to join, and as you – the owner – will meet them when they come to pick it up, you can choose to decline if you wish. It’s a real no-brainer for anyone who has a car standing idle: put it to work and make some money with long term car rental Cape Town! Get in touch now for more information or register your car and let’s get going!