Choose Namibia for Your African Holiday

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Why do we recommend Namibia for celebs? Because this beautiful and mysterious country, with its sprawling desert and amazing beaches, is one of the most spectacular of all in Africa, and offers a rare opportunity to see the continent in its most authentic, unspoilt form. From the charming capital of Windhoek, with its fine restaurants, bars and shops, to the majestic sand dunes of the Namib Desert – the tallest in the world – you have a range of diverse and amazing attractions, and there is one place where you can find all the information you need.

Book Namibia is not a tour operator itself, but a comprehensive resource containing all the information and advice you need on travelling to Namibia. They have collected details of the leading tour operators and safari providers, offer information on the best accommodation Namibia, and also where to hire a car or 4×4, the latter being essential if you are to travel in this wonderful country. A safari is a must in Namibia, and there are many established companies offering excellent deals. Also, Book Namibia has information on general travel tips in the country which will help make your life easier.

Namibia is a real slice of Africa, a place where little has changed over the years. You can take an opportunity to visit ancient nomadic tribes who still live as they did centuries ago, and to visit the colourful townships that have been shaped by the different cultural influences across the years. Or, you could simply relax on one of the many fine beaches, where the Atlantic Ocean laps at the glorious sandy shore. You can find advice on all aspects of visiting Namibia here, so check out the Book Namibia website, and find out what are the most popular things to try in Namibia!