Quality Waste Management Systems from HPT Africa

In all areas of industry, especially in manufacturing and processing, waste can be problem. Take the paper and cardboard industry; offcuts and dust can be major hazards, and not only impact on productivity but also may be hazardous to health, so a waste management system is essential. Of course, it is the employer’s duty to ensure the workplace is a safe place to be, but are your waste processing and extractions solutions up to scratch? If not, you might want to let HPT Africa take a look, as they are the leading name in waste management, ventilation and extraction in Africa.
HPT Africa works with each client individually – they offer solutions for the paper industry, welding rooms, metalworking, wood processing and more, each designed to a bespoke solution using only the best quality machinery and equipment – and has won awards for its quality solutions. Serving customers in South Africa and the other southern African nations, they take great pride in being able to design and implement the very best solution for individual needs, and their many satisfied customers include some of the best known names across the region.

The machinery used by HPT Africa is made by the top names in Europe, and provides reliable and efficient waste management solutions across the board. With excellent prices and a team of highly skilled and trained technicians waiting to help find the right answer for you, HPT Africa is there to help make sure your workforce enjoys a pleasant and comfortable place of work. If you need advice on waste management, dust or oil extraction or any other area of waste control, get in touch with HPT Africa right away, and they will be more than happy to answer your questions and arrange to visit to assess your needs.