Quality Wedding Catering from London Spit Roast

Organizing a wedding means dealing with many different factors, not least the catering which can be a major headache! You might want to check out London Spit Roast if this is one of your problems, as they have the expertise to provide you with top quality catering at a great price, so that’s at least one problem off your hands.

London Spit Roast has a variety of packages available for weddings, so whatever your budget you will be getting value for money. The packages are comprehensive; for example, the mid-range Sapphire Package includes the following: hog roast catering /spit roast plus vegetarian options for 15% of the guests; bread rolls and apple sauce; plates and cutlery, plus three selections of salad two types of canapes. For more information on wedding packages get in touch with London Spit Roast right now, and let them take care of your wedding caterers in London.